Armdale Roundabout

The Armdale rotary improvements in Halifax, NS.

West Mesquite Interchange

Construction cam of the West Mesquite Interchange.

London, Ontario Webcam

Slow Refresh and Live streaming video of the London, Ontario roundabout

Other Roundabout Resources

Instructional Flash Animations

Ourston Roundabout Engineering frequently develops web-ready Flash animations on the correct use of roundabouts, which can be customized to a specific project and have proven very effective in public education campaigns.

Educational Brochures and Fliers

Our in-house communications specialist can customize your handout or multi-fold brochure to educate the public on the benefits of roundabouts and how to navigate them – including clear, step-by-step instructions for pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers.

Virtual Reality Driver Simulation

Ourston Roundabout Engineering developed a 3D, fully interactive driving simulator to train drivers on the correct use of roundabouts.