Industry Leading Professionals

Mark Lenters, P.E., P.Eng, Service Group Manager, has a 26 year record of continuous intersection safety and design experience underpinned by highway engineering, traffic engineering, transportation planning, and project management. Since 1986, he has achieved nearly equal experience in the public and private sector, broadening his understanding of the needs of agencies. Leading small and large teams, he has also developed nationally renowned skills in roundabout design, facilitation, training and safety reviews. Mark leads a team of 15 professionals who exclusively plan, design and facilitate public outreach for modern roundabouts.

Philip Weber, P.Eng, manages the Canadian operation. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario, Alberta and Nova Scotia, and has a Masters degree in transportation engineering. Over 16 years he has acquired experience in traffic engineering and transportation planning in both the public and private sectors. Philip is a recognized expert in high-capacity roundabout design, roundabout planning and review, operational analysis, and signs and markings implementation. He offers training in roundabout design and capacity analysis software, and has skills in transportation planning, traffic safety, human factors and public outreach. He is active in ITE, OGRA, OTC and TAC.

Andrew Duerr, PE., has 20 years experience in project management, planning, and design of transportation projects. He is well versed in industry standards and procedures. As a designer, Andy has experience in all aspects of roadway design with an emphasis on intersection safety and roundabout design. He also has significant experience in roundabout policy, peer review and design oversight, roundabout feasibility studies, design training, and public outreach.

Kevin Kuhlow, P.E. has 18 years of highway design experience, of which the past 7 years have focused entirely on all aspects of modern roundabouts, including operational analysis, feasibility studies, design, review, construction observation assistance and training. Kevin has designed roundabouts throughout North America ranging from single lane roundabouts to complex three lane roundabouts in corridors. He is detail oriented and has made major contributions to the development of Wisconsin DOT’s roundabout design practice.

Troy Pankratz, P.E. is licensed as a Professional Engineer to practice in Arizona, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, Utah, and Wisconsin. Troy has 13 years’ experience in managing highway projects with a high level of involvement in roadway design. For the last eight years, Troy has focused on solving geometric, capacity, and safety deficiencies with modern roundabout intersections. In addition to his vast experience with roundabout design, he has managed several PS&E’s for roundabout projects across the nation. He is well versed with various state DOT standards and processes and has vast experience working with teams to deliver high quality, detail focused projects.

Jedidiah Munroe, P.E. is licensed as a Professional Engineer to practice in Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas and Wisconsin. Jed has extensive experience in roundabout design, roadway design, and construction management. For the past five years Jed has exclusively worked on roundabout analysis and design for projects across North America. He has developed a well-rounded knowledge of transportation engineering with a broad range of responsibilities and experience on a variety of projects.

Ben Wilkinson, P.E. is licensed as a Professional Engineer to practice in Iowa and Wisconsin. Ben has 15 years experience in transportation engineering and planning. His transportation experience includes urban and rural highway design, corridor planning studies, traffic and safety studies, and environmental documentation. For the past five years, Ben has focused on roundabout design, analysis and education.

Rielly O’Donnell, P.E. is licensed as a Professional Engineer to practice in Wisconsin. Rielly has 20 years’ experience in project management, planning, and design of transportation projects. He is well versed in industry standards and procedures and brings a background in project oversight and quality control. As a designer, Rielly has experience in all aspects of urban and rural roadway design. He also has experience in coordinating project development with pertinent agencies, public involvement, producing design reports, and environmental documentation.